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MD 15161 Standard

for Federal Buildings

The standard that helps you assess, document and reduce risks

The MD 15161 standard stipulates the minimum requirements for the design, operation, maintenance and testing of water systems in federal buildings for the minimization of Legionnaires’ disease.


This standard is intended for clients, property managers, project managers, design professionals and maintenance personnel at federal facilities in Canada.

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Legionella Bacteria Control Management Program

Each facility must have its own Legionella Bacteria Control Management Program (LBCMP), which must include the following:

  • LBCMP reviewed and signed by an accredited engineer

  • Completed LBCMP checklists and forms*

  • Review of all water systems

  • A list of resource personnel

  • A list of the main water systems

  • An inventory of all water systems

  • A flow schematic, including water sampling locations

  • Procedures to maintain water quality to reduce the risk of microbial growth

  • A risk and hazard assessment of each system, including a classification of the building’s Legionella risk level

  • System operations and procedures affecting water quality

  • Operation and maintenance procedures and manuals

  • Protocols for maintaining and testing (method, location and frequency) water quality

  • List of chemical products and substances to be used and their description, if applicable

  • Measures for verifying mechanical components of the facility and the equipment used in cooling towers and water systems

  • Maintenance log and all other maintenance records


All biocides used must be registered with Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

The program must be evaluated and updated if any of the following occurs:

  • It has been more than five years since it was created or since it last received a periodic evaluation and updated risk assessment.

  • Major changes in procedures or equipment replacement occur.

  • Changes in water quality maintenance procedures or processes occur.

  • System water quality reaches an actionable level and decontamination procedures are required.


For more information, please refer to the official document MD 15161.

*These forms are available in Appendix E of MD 15161.

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