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Technical Services Designed to Keep Everything Running Smoothly


Magnus’ service technicians are trained and equipped to help you repair your water treatment equipment and maintain its optimal performance. They will ensure that your systems remain fully operational and safe when you need them most.

We Know Your Water System Inside and Out


Repairs on Call

Take advantage of a fast and efficient on-call repair service for water treatment equipment.



Magnus offers refurbishment services to modernize, recondition and optimize your existing systems.

Cleaning of

Existing Systems

Systems that have been poorly maintained can present flow and heat transfer problems caused by corrosion or scale build up. In many cases, these systems can be cleaned and reinstated to an optimal level of performance. Our technicians can do specific chemical cleaning following laboratory simulations that determine the exact chemistry needed to perform the cleaning.



Our performance audits enable you to put strategies in place to optimize your water treatment program. We have a scientific and methodological approach, using the best available monitoring devices on the market, to help you choose the best possible solution.




Your system’s performance depends on the proper operation of your water treatment equipment. Preventive maintenance plans offer you peace of mind, ensuring that your equipment always performs at its best.

Questions about our services?

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