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Steam Boilers

Treatments adapted to the specific needs of your equipment.

The treatment program for steam boiler systems is based on water quality control and requires the use of specific chemicals to resolve potential problems. The selection of treatment products, therefore, depends on several factors related to the quality of the make-up water and the operating conditions.


A conventional treatment program will have as main objectives the neutralization of corrosive gases represented by oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as the dispersion of minerals that can cause scaling and fouling. If necessary, additional products will allow the passivation of the metal and the control of excessive foaming.


For various applications, the conventional program will advantageously be replaced by film-forming technology. In this alternative, the objective becomes rather to protect the metal from the corrosive agents of the water by creating a barrier between the water and the metal.


Film-Forming Treatment 

Organic Film-Forming Treatment for Steam Boilers


The intrinsic properties of Aquafilm V6722 make it extremely effective in protecting the entire steam system, including the boilers, deaerators and feedwater lines, economizers, heat exchangers, hotwells, condensate piping and transfer tanks against corrosion. 

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Organic Film-Forming Treatment for Steam Boilers with Food Contact


Aquafilm V6702. is an all-organic product designed to replace multi-product treatment programs for steam boiler systems while offering significant water and energy savings when compared to conventional chemistries.

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Aquafilm V

Conventional Treatment



BT 490A

BT 490A eliminates dissolved oxygen present in the feedwater of steam generator systems to prevent corrosion by pitting.

The presence of an Eco-Built catalyst allows for a rapid and complete reaction with the treatment.

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Volisolve 251 is designed to control corrosion in condensate networks by neutralizing carbonic acid.  This product was formulated to respond to the needs of large systems.

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MAGTRACE B02 is a synergic combination of organic phosphate and synthetic polymers which prevents scale deposits by dispersing iron oxide and residual hardness in steam generators.

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Anti Foam

BT 86A

BT 86A prevents the formation of foam at the evaporating surface of the boiler in order to impede water carry-over, priming and steam contamination.

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