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Choose the Right Machining Fluid for Optimal Performance

Metalworking operations use cutting tools that transform metal into a specific shape or design required for later use or assembly. The tooling used in these processes is evolving, and the fluids needed to optimize machine performance must follow. The choice of machining fluid is just as important as the choice of tooling in obtaining optimum performance. Tooling protection, surface finish, chip and heat dispersion can be optimized with the right fluid and help you achieve the level of performance you need for your process.


At Magnus, we develop and manufacture metalworking fluids to optimize your machining processes and help you gain full process control.


Lubricants of Choice for a Smoother Finish


Lubricants can be composed of oils, soluble oils or even synthetic products. In most applications, cooling and corrosion protection power is sought.


Grinding is done when a very smooth finish is required. Our grinding oils are non-corrosive. They have low viscosity and low odor and offer good heat transfer and filterability. New synthetic lubricant technologies provide both high lubricating and cooling power.



Tailored Coolants for Deep Drilling


Drilling is the process of drilling into a material. The extent of the drilling depends on the depth and size of the hole.


Light drilling at medium intensity typically uses coolants with different lubricating additives, and sometimes ones with extreme pressure additives. For heavy duty applications such as drilling deep holes, the use of a straight oil lubricant is recommended. We have the technologies and laboratories to develop coolants that meet your needs.


Optimize Your Sawing Process with the Right Coolant


Coolants for cooling and lubricating your blades are necessary and should be selected to maximize performance.


Sawing is a cutting process that can vary in magnitude, from easy (sawing wood) to very demanding (sawing nickel alloys). The intensity of the cutting process must be evaluated based on the nature of the material, cutting speed and amount of heat released.


Coolants that are water thinnable provide maximum blade cooling, while whole oils are sometimes required to provide optimum performance for very demanding applications. We have a wide range of solutions for every sawing process.


Effective Lubricants for a Custom Finish


Honing is an abrasion process that uses stones to produce a particular finish. Ensuring that the stones remain clean is necessary for optimal operation.


The right viscosity and lubricating additives are the main criteria for successful honing. We have an extensive range of honing products to meet your needs. If we cannot find the perfect product, we can create a custom product to meet your honing needs.

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