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Industrial Cleaning


Never Underestimate the Importance of Cleaning

The industrial metal cleaning process is an important step in the manufacturing process. It ensures that any potential contaminants accumulated during part manufacturing are removed and prepares parts for all subsequent steps of the production process. Choosing the right cleaning program will depend on the nature and shape of the parts, an understanding of the contaminants to be removed, and the amount of time that can be allowed to maintain an efficient speed for your production line. The importance of industrial cleaning is often underestimated, but improving the cleaning process will help maintain performance by avoiding cross-contamination of subsequent metal processing fluids or by improving surface treatment performance.


Magnus offers products for a wide range of industrial cleaning operations so you can achieve the level of cleaning you need for your processes.


Rust Removal

Efficient Cleaners Designed for Your Processes


Rust removers and deoxidizers work on the surface of iron alloys to remove oxidation or rust.


Strong mineral acids dissolve rust quickly, but they do not protect the clean surfaces from further oxidation. Strong alkaline solutions act more slowly and passivate iron alloys. However, inorganic precipitates, such as silicates, may form over time on the surfaces.

We will carefully examine and identify the causes of rust and suggest the optimal product for your process and specific issues.


High-Performance Cleaners with Minimal Environmental Impact


Decarbonization removes carbon-based residues accumulated on surfaces caused by the oxidation of chemicals mixed with heat and oxygen during a procedure.


These residues are rarely soluble in water and are usually cleaned using a mixture of solvents with varying quantities ​​of Kaurie-Butanol. However, their contribution is a major drawback due to the impact to greenhouse gases, their toxicity to humans, animals and the environment We believe that renewable raw materials offer a total carbon neutral balance. That is why we are constantly working alongside suppliers to improve our products and ensure that they cause the lowest environmental impact.


Cleaners with the Proper Corrosion Inhibitor Additive


In industrial processes using equipment such as hot water boilers, scale components (calcite, for example) can adhere to metal surfaces over time and cause blockages.

Descaling cleaners are often acidic and corrosive to metal, skin and eyes.


Rust formation may be the result of a poor diagnosis of your current problem and your product.

We can formulate the right product, with the right corrosion inhibitor additive for your needs.


Industrial Degreasers that Meet Your Needs.


Degreasers remove oils, coolants, grease and wax from surfaces, usually to prepare them for machining, painting and rewaxing.


Water-based products are generally ineffective, except when strong alkaline solutions are used. The cleaned surfaces will not be affected by the product. Solvent-based products are effective, but most have high toxicity, are highly flammable, or are not safe to use.

We can offer you the right solution for your situation.

Questions about industrial applications?

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