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Steam Boiler


For Optimum Performance

The performance of water treatment programs for steam boilers depends greatly on the consistent and controlled application of the active ingredients. Magnus specifically designs and manufactures injection and conditioning equipment to administer water treatment products safely and efficiently.



Softeners play a key role in preventing scaling in various heat exchange systems.


Dealkalizers are generally good alternatives for reducing or eliminating the use of volatile amines in steam.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems offer a high-performance and economical solution for improving water quality in many different types of applications, such as cooling towers and steam boilers.  Ensuring high-quality permeate optimizes water treatment programs.

Automatic Blowdown

Automatic blowdown control is a key component of water quality management in steam boiler equipment. It also controls the injection of various chemicals used to protect the system.

Questions about water treatment equipment?

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