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The Magnus Advantage

Magnus is known for innovating and developing products that meet the specific challenges and needs of our customers. We deliver satisfaction by offering efficient solutions designed to meet high-quality standards and adapted to fulfill the specific criteria of each facility and process. 


Magnus provides the knowledge and resources necessary to meet these requirements, offering a multitude of solutions geared toward energy efficiency, environmental protection, sustainable development and optimal use of resources.


By combining our commitment to resolving tomorrow’s issues with the know-how of our multidisciplinary team, we will ensure the success of your projects and help you overcome your challenges.

We Are Dedicated to Developing Chemistry

In addition to our multidisciplinary team, Magnus benefits from a large international network of partners who share the same passion for chemistry and sustainable development. Several strategic alliances allow us to exchange technical knowledge, provide support and advance research and development projects. Our international partners help our methods and products reach a vast market and allow many companies to benefit from our know-how.

Réseau expert

Passionate and Responsible for Our Future

We create chemistry that makes the world a better place, forging Magnus as a great place to work!


Over the past decade, we have established a Corporate Responsibility Program focused on reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring the health and safety of everyone who contributes to the success of our company. Our program aims to achieve three objectives:


  • Significantly reduce waste released into the air, land and water.

  • Achieve major improvements regarding safety in the workplace and the community.

  • Provide chemical products from responsible supply chains that have demonstrated a commitment to studying various chemistries and their impact on health, safety and the environment.

Sustainable Development - Chemistry for the common good

Finding the right balance between profit and purpose


We are committed to integrating social and environmental values ​​into our business. We seek to achieve profitability but not at any cost. We comply with high standards and have put concrete measures in place to contribute to the future of our planet and our community.

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