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Closed Loop


The Equipment You Need for the Program You Want

The performance of water treatment programs for closed loops depends greatly on the controlled application of the active ingredients. Magnus specifically designs and manufactures injection and conditioning equipment to administer water treatment products safely and efficiently.




Magnus FCF-H filter skids offer a simple and efficient solution for the removal of suspended solids. Typical applications include water and glycol closed loops in heating and refrigeration applications. They are delivered entirely pre-assembled including isolation valves, manometers and copper piping.


MAGNUS FSF-H series filters provide an efficient and simple solution to remove suspended solids in closed loop systems of cooling or heating and glycol systems. They are shipped entirely factory assembled and include isolation valves, pressure gauges, flow meter and black iron piping.

Injection systems


Designed and fabricated by Magnus, the OMNIDOS automatic injection units provide an efficient solution for corrosion inhibitor injection for closed loop chilled or heating water systems.

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