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Our Values






Who We Are

Our Mission 

Design products, develop methods and offer integrated services in water management and industrial processes to serve our customers in a sustainable development context.

Since 1946, Magnus has used its know-how to create chemical and mechanical solutions in the industrial fluid and water treatment industries.


As the industry leader in Canada, Magnus researches and develops innovative and environmentally responsible processes to optimize our customers’ system performance and productivity while reducing their environmental impact and health and safety risks. Using a proactive approach, Magnus offers a wide array of cutting-edge industrial fluids and water treatment solutions tailored to the needs of our industrial, commercial and institutional customers.

The quality of our service is the key to our success. We provide our customers with the technical and analytical resources necessary to help them increase their operating efficiency. We work in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, engineering and technical operations and advise our valued customers.


Magnus is ready to take on all current and future challenges.

Our Technical Knowledge


Magnus has a team of trained members including chemists and microbiologists with PhDs, chemical engineers, qualified managers, as well as administrative support staff.

Magnus has three in-house laboratories: microbiology, analytical and R&D. We design and manufacture chemical and equipment solutions that meet all our customers’ needs.

Working Towards a Sustainable Future


Sustainable development is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Magnus actively promotes the use of clean technologies and constantly strives to reduce its environmental footprint. We are committed to ensuring the growth and development of our employees as well as maintaining strong partnerships with stakeholders.

Services We Offer

• Water treatment for HVAC systems (cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loops)

• Legionella minimization, detection, and mitigation

• Wastewater treatment

• Cleaning solutions

• Industrial fluids

• Lubricants and industrial cleaners

Industries We Serve


• Automotive

• Chemical

• Commercial and Institutional

• Construction

• District Energy

• Food and Beverage


• Manufacturing

• Pulp and Paper

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