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Find the Right Balance to Optimize Your Process

Choosing the right lubricant for metalworking depends on several parameters related to the nature of the process being performed. In general, it is a question of obtaining a balance between lubricating and cooling efficacy. This balance directly depends on the type of process and metal that you are using. With the right product for your process, you can optimize the quality of manufactured parts while limiting problems related to foam, corrosion and bacteria.


Magnus has a complete line of metalworking lubricants to help you achieve your desired level of performance.






MAGCOOL 5830 is a heavy-duty, fully synthetic grinding and machining fluid. It provides a higher degree of lubricity than most other synthetics.

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MAGSLIP 1410 is a high-performance oil based on new technology. It can be used for cutting (grinding, sawing, etc.) and forming (stamping, swaging, etc.) applications. The absence of chlorinated additives eliminates the risk of corrosion on parts and equipment.

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MAGCOOL 2390 is a new generation soluble oil cutting fluid. This chlorine-free formula uses a new technology that allows its application on severe operations, such as extreme pressure applications for tough alloys.

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MAGCOOL 5600 is the state-of-the-art full synthetic lubricant for metalworking operations.  It is designed to assist light to medium-duty metalworking cutting operations with a variety of different metals.

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