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Aluminium Processing


A Line of Lubricants Specially Designed for Your Industry

Magnus offers a complete range of aluminum lubricants recommended for primary, secondary and tertiary aluminum processing. The CAL series is known to improve process performance, equipment durability and surface finish. It increases the operational efficiency of your production line. Specially formulated using carefully chosen lubricity additives, these aluminum processing products help extend the tooling life span, prevent accumulation of aluminum swarf in cutting operations, resist thermal decomposition, prevent varnish formation and ensure superior surface finish.


Magnus aluminum lubricants are proven products that have contributed to process optimization in the primary, secondary, and tertiary aluminum processing industries.


CAL 2230W

CAL 2230W is a water-soluble lubricant intended to be used in the manufacturing process of vibro-compacted carbon anodes used in electrolysis operation of light metals.

CAL 920

CAL 920 is a new generation, fully biodegradable fluid, used as a lubricant in metal forming operations, such as vertical or horizontal continuous casting of aluminum and magnesium.

CAL 5700

CAL 5700 is a lubricant recommended for use at 100% in applications like, but not limited to, sawing of Aluminum using a band or a circular saw. Cal 5700 may also be used in more demanding applications as experienced with harder materials such as steel.

CAL 6110

CAL 6110 is a 100% synthetic lubricant recommended for cutting and sawing of Aluminum. It will not create sticky deposits or varnish.

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