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The Cleaner that Meets Your Needs

Regardless of what process you use, you will need to clean to prepare parts for critical processing or give them the desired final appearance before sending them to various users. All industrial cleaners, whether they use immersion, jet cabinet or manual techniques, disperse, dissolve or displace contaminants. Each cleaning process has its advantages and disadvantages; however, choosing the right cleaner will optimize this step of your production line.


Whether you’re cleaning big or small components, we can provide you with an industrial cleaner that delivers the desired degree of cleanliness.



MAGCLEAN 3410B is a high strength alkaline spray-washing liquid compound for use in multi-metal cleaning applications. It contains specific biodegradable wetting agents to effectively clean most soils encountered on metal surfaces.


MAGCLEAN 1600B is a multimetal cleaner degreaser designed for industrial immersion cleaning processes. This product is also recommended for cleaning trucks, heavy machinery, surfaces and machined parts. It contains a surfactant and emulsifying degreaser that are highly efficient with oily dirt, grease, machining fluids and protective films.


MAGCLEAN 6520N is a high-performance ecological degreaser effective to dissolve the asphalt, tar, bitumen, mastic, printing ink and grease. The thixotropic effect of the MAGCLEAN 6520-N enables better adherence to vertical surfaces and prolongs the contact time with the dirt for increased efficiency.

Questions about industrial lubricants and cleaners?

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