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Metal Forming


The Right Lubricant for You

Metal forming processes can be extremely harsh on both tooling and the parts to be formed. Lubricants for these processes can be either water or oil based. Water-based products will have the advantage of dispersing heat better than oil-based products. Alternatively, oil-based products can incorporate powerful extreme pressure additives to help achieve superior lubricity. These two types of products can perform very well in a wide range of processes. The severity and parameters of your process will dictate what type of product will perform best.


Whether using an oil- or a water-based product, Magnus offers a wide range of metal forming lubricants.



MAGSLIP 2520W is a water-soluble metal sheet stamping lubricant that provides hydrodynamic boundary slip and extreme pressure lubrication.


MAGSLIP 2210E is a lubricating oil recommended for blanking, forming and light-duty stamping of aluminum, galvanized steel, tin coated steel, copper, brass and pre-painted steel.


MAGSLIP 4550W is a new synthetic lubricant completely free of any oils. It is designed for medium to heavy-duty forming and cutting applications of steel and stainless steel, such as rolling, slitting, stamping and tube bending.


MAGSLIP 1130 is a pale sparkling clear, paraffinic oil for use in all types of MagSlip machines. Its low viscosity assures good filterability, rapid settling, good penetration and heat transfer. It is non staining and has a low odor.

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