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RBQ Program for 

Cooling Towers

Are your maintenance and control practices up to code?

We have the knowledge and know-how to help you implement the best maintenance and control practices for your cooling towers and ensure your compliance with government regulations.


We have developed maintenance measures and procedures to achieve the level of minimization you require. Our team is made up of numerous specialists, who are certified members of the order of chemists, order of engineers and order of technologists. They are fully qualified to develop and certify a maintenance program that meets all legislative requirements and is tailored to your facilities.


The purpose of a cooling tower maintenance program is to maintain your facility’s stability and efficiency, as well as protect public health.


Specialized auditing of your facilities

  • Auditing of mechanical systems

  • Testing for bacteria through specific analyses (culture method or qPCR)

  • Emergency disinfection of systems by our specialists



Implementing Best Practices and Documenting Minimization Procedures

We provide you with comprehensive knowledge and experience to develop the right maintenance programs and ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements. These programs, specifically adapted to your systems, are certified by our specialists, who are all members of various professional orders.


We have developed the following procedures and tools specifically for your needs:


  • Procedure for winterizing and restarting the cooling towers

  • Procedure for shutdown and restart during operating periods

  • Procedure for system decontamination

  • Measures to reduce corrosion, scaling and buildup of biomass

  • Schematic layout of cooling water flow systems

  • Procedure for maintaining water quality to minimize microbial growth

  • List of the products and chemicals to use and their description

  • Testing to verify the facility’s mechanical components and equipment


When developing the program, we look at system history, including all important technical aspects such as facility age, major breakdowns and repairs, significant equipment replacements and system decontamination following a health risk.

Simplify Your Cooling Tower Management

Our specialized team will help you implement the preventive maintenance program developed for your cooling system.



  • General audit

  • Hot water basin and sprinkler cleaning

  • Tower fill pressure washing

  • Droplet eliminator pressure washing

  • Cold water basin cleaning

  • Debris removal and suction screen cleaning

  • Winterizing treatment

  • Preventive disinfection using a biodispersant and an oxidant biocide

  • Legionella bacteria analysis

  • Monitoring water quality


Compliance with RBQ Regulations (for Quebec only)


The RBQ requires that you keep a log of the operation and maintenance of cooling towers and evaporative condensers. The log must always be available to the RBQ, so we have developed a tool for you based on planned maintenance program operations.


Available in electronic or hard copy, the proposed log includes the following information at minimum:


  • Contact information for the facility and owner

  • Short description of the system’s components and features

  • System flow schematics, list of equipment and available layouts

  • Operation and equipment maintenance manuals

  • Maintenance programs developed for the facility

  • Analysis results for the past two years (from the beginning of the program)

  • History of maintenance, repairs and modifications

  • Contact information for the supervisor and other maintenance staff

  • The facility’s RBQ registration form

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