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Magnus specializes in developing, manufacturing and supporting the implementation of specialized solutions for water treatment, industrial cleaning and lubrication in metal processing.

Water Treatment Optimization


Whatever your application may be, water is essential for the proper operation of your facilities. The health and safety of your people, the protection of the environment and optimum performance depend directly on the quality of the water in your buildings.


At Magnus, we offer the science and technology that you need for all your water treatment management needs.


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Magnus manufactures high-performance chemicals designed to optimize metalworking, industrial cleaning and other complex processes.


We seek to achieve the perfect balance between increasing your process efficiency, reducing your environmental impact and protecting your operators and equipment.

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Minimize Legionella Growth

We have cutting-edge solutions for detecting and controlling Legionella in all types of facilities.


Maximize the Performance of Your Most Complex Industrial Processes.

Explore our Full Range of Water Treatment Equipment for Your Application
Personalized Services to Better Meet Your Specific Needs

Optimal Water Treatment for Steam Boilers

for Light Industries in Commercial, Institutional, Manufacturing
and Multi-Residential Constructions

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