Corrosion inhibitor

Damages caused by corrosion are often irreversible and costly to companies. To avoid these setbacks, Magnus has developed the MagFilm product range. This range is designed to efficiently protect metal surfaces against oxidation, either inside, outside, or between two stages of a process.

These products serve numerous industries, such as:

• Manufacturing: transform processes of all types of metals (finished or semi-finished parts).
• Storage: outside, inside, or exposed to different conditions (dry, wet, etc.).
• Transport: road, rail or sea.

The selection of a corrosion inhibitor is based on three criteria:

  • The duration of protection needed: short (1-3 weeks) or long term (up to 1 year).
  • The desired type of protective film: dry, oily or waxy.
  • Environmental conditions: including the type of storage (exterior, interior, humidity, salty air, etc.).


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The environment is our top priority

From greenhouse gas emissions to the management of hazardous materials, Magnus puts environmental protection at the heart of its activities. With the development of the Magnus Eco-Profile®, the company demonstrates its transparency and its desire to develop green products.

To learn more about our environmental efforts and promote our eco-design approach, see our section on sustainable development.