Consultation services

A good understanding of customer needs, priorities and their challenges is essential in order to provide treatment programs that will meet expectations. This can only be achieved through regular meetings when selecting the treatment program, its administration and its application,  with all involved parties present. Magnus strongly encourages program evaluation with management and operational staff. This is the first step in the implementation of an efficient treatment program.

Although most treatment programs have similar objectives and are often based on the application of similar technologies and chemistries, they must be carefully designed to meet the specific requirements and limitations associated with the water systems and their operating conditions. Our philosophy is that each water network has its own "personality." The evaluation of these special features is critical and the extensive evaluation of the mechanism is still required before the introduction of any treatment.

When evaluating manufacturing facilities, our goal is to acquire an excellent knowledge of the system to determine the most appropriate treatment program, service schedule and potential improvement projects.

Observations and conclusions of this evaluation are then discussed with the customer to share our understanding of their facilities and compare them with the best industry practices. Following this, we determine the priorities in improving the water treatment or industrial process.