Sustainable Development Manifesto

1 - Sustainable Development According to Magnus

Sustainable development is an integral part of Magnus. The company promotes clean technology, ensures that its employees reach their full potential, sees to the well-being of its staff, and works tirelessly to reduce its environmental footprint as well as maintain a good relationship with its stakeholders.

2 - Who is Magnus?

Founded in 1946, Magnus is a Canadian company with three locations. It develops, manufactures, and markets chemical and mechanical solutions for water treatment applications, metalworking, and specialty cleaning processes. Its multidisciplinary team of chemists, microbiologist, and engineers are always prepared to provide customized solutions.

3 - Mission

By combining its knowledge and expertise, Magnus develops innovative, performance-enhancing solutions which help customers and partners prosper.

4 - Vision

Magnus aims to be the company of choice in Canada's industry by providing custom solutions and unparalleled, individualized service to customers and partners.

Our inspiration for the future:

• Magnus establishes worldwide partnerships, continuously innovates, is a pioneer in providing customized solutions, and only uses clean technologies that have a direct and measurable impact on customers.

• Magnus is well renowned for its superior products and treatment programs (services) that have a minimal environmental footprint, are reliable, and are safe for users. Magnus’ procurement and logistics processes are coordinated and optimized for guaranteed efficiency.

• Magnus’ cohesive, efficient, and multidisciplinary team works in open collaboration with a variety of partners. An effervescent team spirt and synergy of talent are what inspire and motivate employees to excel each day in a friendly and open atmosphere. Magnus gives its employees the chance to develop their strengths and skills, and offers many career advancement opportunities within the company to attract and retain talent.

• Magnus is committed to ensuring the welfare of local communities as well as charities and is proud to share its success with them.

5 - Corporate Values

Passion, respect, teamwork, agility, innovation.

6 - Challenges and Opportunities

Magnus is focused on new technologies and is a pioneer in its industry thanks to Magnus' best practices and careful attention in providing detailed environmental information.

One of Magnus’ priorities is safeguarding critical knowledge and improving its skill development plans.

Due to an evironment with continuous growth, Magnus must constantly optimize its production process to reduce cost as much as possible. The company must frequently review its responsible supply management process, based on meaningful criteria such as transparency and the efficient use of resources, to optimize expenditure for sound administration.

Magnus manages its facilities responsibly to ensure that it provides a safe and healthy work environment. The company produces very little waste and has taken several steps to reduce its energy consumption.

7 - Strategic Objectives and Commitments

Magnus is committed to working on the following aspects to ensure that its vision becomes a reality over the upcoming years:

• Bring both employees and stakeholders together to work towards the common vision;

• Promote health, security, and safe behaviour in a stimulating and collaborative workplace;

• Provide a work environment that encourages innovation and continuous improvement by allowing employees to develop their skills;

• Reduce its environmental footprint by optimizing waste management as well as water and energy consumption;

• Offer safer and greener products to users by continuing to replace some raw materials and by responsibly procuring supplies;

• Mobilize all employees to execute its sustainable development action plan and publish a report.

8 - Scope and Responsibilities

The manifesto is under the ultimate responsibility of the President and CEO of Magnus Chemicals Ltd. The Executive Board ensures that all managers and employees contribute to its success and monitors its progression through the use of a detailed action plan.

The Sustainable Development Committee, chaired by the Vice-President of Innovation and Sustainable Development, consists of representatives from all departments and has the mandate to support the objectives described in this manifesto as established by the Executive Board.

It is the responsibility of all employees to adhere to the principles of this manifesto and to actively participate in the Sustainable Development Committee’s initiatives.

The manifesto has been in effect since December 20th, 2016.