Our involvement with industry partners and professional associations plays a key role in our pursuit of excellence in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Magnus: A Leader in Green Chemistry

In collaboration with the Association of Microbiologists of Quebec (AMQ) and the Order of Chemists (OCQ), Magnus has developed a specialized training program to support members of both associations. These associations are involved in the application of the regulations of the Régie du bâtiment for the maintenance of cooling towers to prevent the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. This training covers several scientific and technical elements which require expertise in the fields of microbiology and chemistry. This training program, accredited by both organizations, includes five (5) training modules. Once the training is complete, the chemists and microbiologists members of the AMQ/OCQ receive a specialized training certificate.
Magnus takes great pride in this unprecedented collaboration with both of these organizations. 

Magnus is an active member of Associated Laboratories, an association of water treatment chemical manufacturers who help each other gain further technical expertise and expand their market coverage.

Magnus is a member of AWT, a professional non-profit organization representing nearly 400 regional water treatment companies throughout the United States and internationally that specialize in water treatment applications for cooling systems as well as for industrial and commercial heating systems.

Magnus is a member of Ecotech, a non-profit organization that promotes Quebec as a center of excellence for clean technology companies throughout North America. The organization strives to make Quebec a greener, healthier, and more competitive place.

Magnus is a member of ADICQ, an association of chemical companies in Quebec. One of ADICQ's objectives is to share knowledge favorable to the development of an eco-responsible chemical us grea

Magnus promotes responsible innovation in a market that is directly affected by new environmental requirements.

Magnus is committed, through continuous innovation and exceptional service, to providing value-added and eco-proactive solutions, to optimizing the performance of customer operations, and to safeguarding the environment as well as the health and safety of operators, and the general public.

Magnus is a recognized leader in green chemistry.