About Us

In 1946, Magnus Chemicals Ltd. was founded by Paul-Emile Pichet. Since its establishment, three generations of Pichet sons have run the company. Today, Denis Pichet is head of Magnus.

During its beginning, Magnus was one of 19 companies operating under the Magnus Group, a  United States based company.

Its primary mission was to develop chemical treatment solutions for steam boilers and industrial cleaning processes.

In 1965, Paul-Emile Pichet saw an opportunity to provide custom-made water treatment equipment and, as a result, created Magnor Inc., a subsidiary company specializing in the improvement of wastewater treatment processes and potable water quality applications.

In 1975, Jacques Pichet, Paul-Emile’s son, took over operations at Magnus. His leadership and innovation helped shape Magnus into the successful company it is today.

In 2000, Magnus relocated to its current headquarters on Ampère Street in Boucherville. The company’s ultramodern facilities include analytical and R&D laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet the customers' growing needs.

In 2006, current President and CEO Denis Pichet  took over the company and continuously consolidates the Magnus brand.

Magnus has been able, thanks to its qualified staff and vision of innovative business, to develop and apply its chemical expertise and knowledge to new markets, including water treatment for HVAC systems, industrial cleaners, and specialty lubricants for machining metals.