About us


Founded in 1946, Magnus Chemicals Ltd’s primary mission was the application of specialized chemistry for steam boiler treatment and industrial cleaning.

Operating independently since 1980, Magnus has, thanks to its qualified personnel and innovative market insight, cleverly developed and applied its chemical expertise in new and uprising markets such as HVAC water treatment, industrial metalworking processes and waste water treatment.

 In 2000, Magnus moved into a new modern plant with in-house analytical and top-notch R&D laboratories and office space tailored to its needs.

Magnus chronology

1946 :Magnus Chemicals Ltd. was founded by Mr. Paul-Emile Pichet

1948 : First office in Toronto

1965 :Creation of Magnor Inc.

1966 :First headquarters’ move

1975 : Mr. Jacques Pichet takes over

1984 :Founding of MagChem Inc.

1996 :ISO 9001

2000 :2nd headquarters’ move

2002 :Founding of Aerochemicals

2006 : Mr. Denis Pichet becomes president

2006 :Member of Associated Laboratories

2006 :ITSI acquisition

2009 :CETEQ merger

2013 :Aqualibrium acquisition