Industrial Water & HVAC

Magnus understands how important water is for the performance of your cooling and heating systems and is continuously looking for new ways to improve the quality of water.

Our expertise is centralized to provide chemical and equipment solutions for asset protection, energy efficiency optimization, environmental protection, and workplace safety by means of responsible water management practices.

The performance of your heat transfer equipment is closely tied to the quality of your water treatment program. Ensuring heat transfer surfaces are deposit-free is key to minimizing energy costs.

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Chaudières et générateurs de vapeur

Steam boilers

A water treatment program adapted to your process is critical to ensure optimal steam quality and protection of internal components and surfaces against corrosion and scaling. A well-treated and maintained steam boiler will optimize operational costs by maintaining proper heat transfer and fuel consumption capacities.

Let Magnus’ specialists guide you in the selection of the best water treatment approach according to your needs and operating conditions.

Discover our Aquafilm-V product line, a new-generation film-forming amine solution for steam boilers. With the Aquafilm-V savings calculator, you can easily calculate the expected savings by using this product line.

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Tours de refroidissement / condenseurs évaporatifs

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

A cooling tower is an open system allowing heat rejection by the evaporation of water. Evaporation and exposure to outdoor elements render this environment prone to scaling, fouling and microbiological growth, including Legionella bacteria. A well-designed treatment program provides durability and full performance of these systems while preserving public health.

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Circuits fermés de chauffage et de refroidissement

Closed loop heating and cooling systems

Closed loop heating and cooling systems require appropriate treatment programs to control corrosion, fouling and harmful microbiological growth. Heat transfer fluids such as glycols also require adequate preventive treatment in order to maintain optimal performance.

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