Magnus celebrates its 70 years of existence!

May 25th, 2016

Magnus was founded by Paul-Emile Pichet and has been passed on from son to son ever since. Today a third generation Pichet is at the head of the company. The current president, Denis Pichet took over the reins from his father, Jacques Pichet, in 2006 and continues to further strengthen the Magnus brand.

"Today, looking back, I realize how my grandfather Paul-Emile was able to live his passion for chemistry while fulfilling his vision for sustainable growth. And then my father Jacques was very successful to give Magnus the vitality necessary to get us where we are today, "said Denis Pichet.

He also adds "I am extremely excited to face the many opportunities we have and that, despite our 70 years, we bring a youthful vibe. We continue our quest for excellence while creating solutions for tomorrow. "