Institutional & Commercial

Magnus offers a wide range of products and services for commercial and institutional markets which are designed to increase operational efficiency of HVAC systems.

Among these commercial and institutional markets, key segments are grouped into the following divisions:

  • Commercial buildings;
  • Government sites;
  • Educational sites (universities, school boards, etc.);
  • Hospitals and others health care facilities;
  • Hotels.

Efficient monitoring solutions

Magnus offers solutions for corrosion control, fouling and microbiological growth problems for heating and cooling systems such as:

  • Cooling tower and evaporative condensers;
  • Steam boilers;
  • Closed loop heating and cooling;
  • Geothermal energy;
  • Domestic hot water systems.

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Magnus has in-depth experience to assist you in the implementation of best maintenance and control practices for cooling towers, a necessary criteria to comply with the new regulation of the Quebec Building Authority (RBQ). For the past several years, we have developed an expertise in the detection and control of Legionella bacteria in cooling towers. We have developed measures and the most relevant maintenance procedures to achieve the desired level of prevention.

Our team is comprised of numerous specialists (members of the Order of Chemists, the Association of Professional Engineers and the Order of Technologists), all highly qualified and certifed to develop a custom-made maintenance program for facilities and meet every aspect of the new legislation.

If you are concerned by the new regulations of the Quebec Building Authority (RBQ) and you are wanting to initiate a maintenance program for the prevention of Legionella, visit our section on legionella or call us!