Surface preparation

Surface preparation consists of cleaning, deburring, polishing, stretching, decarbonizing and deoxidizing surfaces in order to improve its properties or to increase the adhesion of surface finishes.

The selection of cleaners depends on the residue encountered, the type of instruments used and the characteristics of the part that requires cleaning. Acid, alkaline or neutral products are available as needed.

Possible methods of application are:

• Manual applications: hand wash (brushing, wipes).
• Vibratory finish in tank.
• High-pressure jet (sprayer).
• Immersion tank: stirring or static.


Our team of experts is at your disposal

Our specialists are available to help you select the most effective and efficient surface preparation products for your industrial needs. Magnus’ team is dedicated to improving the quality of your finished products and the efficiency of your operations. Do not hesitate to call on their expertise!


Our process of development and innovation

Environmental standards are becoming more severe; our industry must innovate and excel in sustainable development. At Magnus, this challenge motivates our researchers to design formulations that meet and exceed the highest standards. Eco-design is an integral part of our process since 2007, the same year when our first product was EcoLogo certified.

See our section on sustainable development for more details and discover our Magnus Eco-PROFILe tool.