Magnus has a range of high performance strippers designed to remove all types of paints, varnishes or surfaces finishes such as:

• Steel
• Aluminum
• Magnesium
• Plastic
• Glass from immersion processes


Our strippers are designed to be efficient and economical in order to improve the profitability of your operations, while being safe for operators. They can be used in hot immersion processes or at room temperature.


Experts at your disposal

Magnus’ specialists will offer you the right product depending on the type of finish to be removed and the type of surface.

Our goal is to provide solutions that improve your profitability through a partnership and problem solving approach. Put us to the test!


Chemistry and the environment: it shows!

Magnus is very aware the impacts its manufactured products have on the environment. For this reason, a tool called Magnus Eco-PROFILe® was developed to clearly communicate the environmental and toxicological characteristics of its industrial fluids. This innovative tool demonstrates  the company's goal toward environmentally friendly design and innovation.

See our section on sustainable development for details.