Magnus has a complete range of lubricants for industrial processes requiring a pure fluid.

Magslip Series products are specially adapted for challenging processes such as deformation and removal of metals:

• Tube or wire drawing
• Stamping
• Deep drawing
• Extrusion
• Folding
• Threading
• Honing
• Broaching
• Grinding


How do our products optimize your processes?

  1. They extend the life span of equipment as only a low concentration of product is required for it to be efficient.
  2. They protect against corrosion and improve surface finish.
  3. They reduce the amount of energy required to process, which results in savings.
  4. They reduce the deposits left on machine parts, facilitating the cleaning.

Our expert team is at your disposal.Let us know your exact requirements and we will provide you with technical and analytical resources to identify products that will increase your operational efficiency.

Innovation and Sustainable Development

Magnus has incorporated eco-design in all of its product development. An assessment grid, termed the eco-chart, includes 60 items divided in six categories. This eco-chart guides our team, when designing products, to ensure the impact the products have on to the environment is taken into consideration.

For us, innovation goes hand in hand with sustainable and responsible development. For more information, see the details of our eco-design process.