Magnus designs and manufactures high quality cooling fluids for various industrial applications, for instance, the removal and deformation of metals. Biodegradable and nontoxic, our products require little maintenance and are safe for operators.

These fluids are used in processing and machining equipment for operations such as:

• Grinding
• Drilling
• Broaching
• Tapping
• Sawing
• Milling


Industries that are interested in optimizing their processes require high-performance products. MagCool fluids improve the life span of machinery and the quality of surface finish through the use of our lubrication technology. Our coolants are available in a variety of synthetic oil, semi-synthetic or soluble solutions.

How do our products optimize your process?

  1. Due to the low product concentration necessary for their efficiency, our products increase the life span of your tools and machinery.
  2. They improve the metal surface finish by protecting it from corrosion.
  3. They contribute to energy saving as they reduce the amount of electricity needed.
  4. They reduce the deposits left on parts and pieces which makes cleaning easier.

Eco-responsible products

Since 2011, Magnus has incorporated eco-design in the development of all its products. All product-related projects must pass the eco-chart test. This chart is an evaluation grid that contains 60 items divided in six different categories.

We believe that innovation goes hand in hand with sustainable development. For this reason, we are actively working actively with the environment in mind. This has been made evident by our rigorous eco-design process.