Industrial fluids

Magnus understands your concerns regarding the need to increase production capacity, improve overall quality and reduce carbon footprint whilst reducing operating costs.

Regardless of the manufacturing process used in your installation, our team of specialists will meet your needs and provide value-added programs.

Key segments of our Industrial division are the following industries:

  • Transportation;
  • Aluminium;
  • Metalworking;
  • Construction.

Magnus has developed a high level of expertise in the manufacturing of high-end chemicals which focuses on process optimization, protection of the environment and workplace safety. Our team of specialists provides solutions in the following types of processes;

  • Metal deformation (tube and wire drawings, rolling, bending, stamping, deep drawing, extrusion, casting);
  • Metal removal (grinding, broaching, tapping, drilling, milling, sawing, gun drilling, honing);
  • Cleaning and surface preparations (degreasing, descaling, derusting, decarbonizing, deburring, paint stripping, dewaxing, corrosion inhibition, vibratory finishing, general cleaning).

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