Support plan

Legionella prevention support plan for cooling towers


Magnus can help you reduce and manage the risks of a legionella outbreak. This support is consistent with RBQ regulations for the Quebec province and can be adapted to the needs and requirements of each customer if no regulation is in force.

Reponse program

To support its customers in preventing Legionellosis, Magnus offers a set of services, supported by specialized resources and cutting-edge technological instrumentation. These responses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Audit of mechanical installations;
  • Formulation of a prevention plan and best practices;
  • Monitoring of bacteria by specific analyses (by culture method or qPCR based analysis);
  • (Emergency) system disinfection by qualified personnel.

A maintenance program for operational cooling towers and evaporative condensers in Quebec must be implemented to cover all preventative maintenance measures required by the new regulation of the Building Authority of Quebec (RBQ).


Magnus has developed a set of procedures and valuable operating practices to develop the necessary maintenance programs in order to comply with the various requirements of the new regulation. These maintenance programs, specifically designed to the conditions of the evaluated networks, are certified by our specialists (all members of different professional orders) and include the following information:

  • The procedure for winterization and restart, if applicable;
  • The procedure for intermittent operation;  
  • A decontamination procedure;
  • Measures to reduce corrosion, scaling and the accumulation of organic matter;  
  • A network schematic of the flow of cooling water;
  • The procedure for maintaining the quality of water to minimize the growth of bacteria, including Legionella;
  • A list of products and chemicals to be used along with their description, if applicable;
  • Means to check mechanical components and the equipment installation of cooling towers.

The maintenance program is developed, taking into consideration the history of the network, which includes the age of the facility, the major breakdowns and repairs, the replacement of equipment and the decontamination of the network due to a health risk.


Magnus has developed an archiving tool, for its customers, based on the scheduled activities in the maintenance program. Keeping an operation and maintenance register of cooling towers and evaporative condensers are mandatory for consultation, at any time, by the RBQ. Available in electronic or hard copy, the proposed logbook includes information, such as:

  • Details of the installation and its owner;
  • A brief description of the network, its components and its features;  
  • Network flow schematics, equipment lists and available plans;
  • Operation and equipment maintenance manuals;
  • Maintenance programs developed for the installation;
  • The analysis results of the last two years (from the beginning of the program);
  • The history of maintenance activities, repairs and modifications;
  • Contact details of the supervisor and other maintenance staff;
  • The installation registration form with the RBQ.

Support Plan

Magnus offers two types of support according to the needs of customers:

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