Regulation of Quebec Building Authority

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In the regulations of the Building Authority (RBQ), it’s mentioned that all cooling tower owners shall transmit, to the RBQ, information about their facilities by means of the information transmission form, and this by the 1st of March each year!  

Therefore, if you believe you are in compliance with the RBQ once your send your registration form when registering your cooling tower for the first time, do not forget to repeat this process each year.  

Download the information transmission form now! (french only)

On May 28th, 2014, the Quebec Building Authority published a revision of its regulations for the maintenance of cooling towers and evaporative condensers. A number of additional maintenance measures need to be taken into account, which are aimed at a better control of Legionella pneumophila concentrations in cooling towers.

The additional measures include the following obligations:

  • Cooling tower owners need to collect a water sample per installation;
  • Sampling must be done at start-up and after 30 days of interval during the service period;
  • Sample must be treated by a certified laboratory;
  • The owner must implement corrective measures as soon as the analysis result is considered dangerous to the public health.

Regulation from Quebec Building Authority

On March 18th 2013, the Quebec Building Authority (Régie du Bâtiment – RBQ) published a regulation in the Gazette official of Quebec, which obliges all owners of cooling towers and evaporative condensers to set up an elaborate maintenance program.  In addition to this, the registration of the installation with the RBQ and an official register on-site will also be required.

This regulation aims to prevent a new outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, responsible for several deaths in Quebec during the summer of 2012.

The regulation includes the following obligations:

  • Establish a regular maintenance program that needs to be fully documented;
  • Certification of the maintenance program by a member of a professional association whose activities are related to the field of cooling towers;
  • Produce a service manual including a full description of the physical installation, the preventive measures and procedures for the maintenance of water quality;
  • Keep a register of all technical information, maintenance, repairs and modifications to the system, available for inspection on the premises;
  • Submit to the RBQ, within 30 days of the original operation, information regarding the description and management of the cooling system.

In summary, the owners of cooling towers will be responsible for registering their facilities to the RBQ, establish a maintenance program which needs to be certified by a cooling tower maintenance specialist, such as Magnus, and keep a record of interventions carried out on the cooling system.

View the official regulation (french only)

Register your cooling tower with the RBQ (french only)