Notorious cases

Legionnaire's disease

  • Described for the first time following the 1976 epidemic;
  • Convention of the American Legion;
  • Hotel Bellevue in Philadelphia Stratford;
  • 221 patients, 147 hospitalized, 34 killed;
  • Causal agent: bacteria (Legionella pneumophila);
  • Source: ventilation systems.

Pontiac fever

  • July, 1968. Employees and visitors of Pontiac, Michigan, developed a mild flu, 144 people were affected, a rate representing 95% of total occupants.

Historical cases

  • 1998: Soccer World Cup

Paris - 20 cases including 4 deaths (TAR).

  • 2000: Pompidou Hospital, France

10 people contracted Legionaire's disease.

Source: domestic hot water. 

  • 2000: Elementary school closed in Toronto

8 teachers and 4 children infected

Source: Legionella pneumophila bacteria found in toilet.

  • 2004: An outbreak in Northern France

86 cases and 18 deaths reported.

Source of infection: a cooling tower in a petrochemical plant. The analysis of the spread patterns showed that those infected lived in a radius of 6-7 km of to the factory.

  • 2005: Seven Oaks Home for the Aged, Toronto, ON (home for the elderly)

70 residents, 18 staff members and 9 guests affected by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, including 17 deaths.

Source of Legionnaire's disease: ventilation systems.

Some  statistics

  • United States:

25 000 cases per year (OSHA)
4 000 suspected deaths per year
1 000 reported deaths per year

Since 1986, mandatory notification of the disease