MD 15161 Standard

This standard provides minimum requirements for design, operation, maintenance and testing to prevent legionellosis associated with building water systems in federal facilities. It applies to both new and existing buildings managed by PWGSC or its service providers.

The standard is applicable by clients, property managers, project managers, design professionals, and maintenance personnel for federal facilities across Canada.

Below you can find a summary of what is required to comply to the MD 15161 Standard:

Each facility shall have its own Legionella Bacteria Control Management Program (LBCMP) tailored to address the Legionella susceptible systems that are present in that facility and should include the following elements:

  • The LBCMP must be reviewed and signed by a Professional Engineer;

  • Completion of the LBCMP verification lists and forms;

  • A review of all susceptible water systems in the building;

  • Contact list for the Property Manager, operations personnel, service contractors, equipment manufacturers;

  • Key water systems with the greatest potential for Legionella amplification such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, open water systems, misters, atomizers, air washers, humidifiers and domestic water systems;
  • An inventory of each Legionella susceptible system in the building;

  • A single line schematic plan, including water sampling locations;

  • Procedure for maintaining the quality of water in order to minimize the growth of bacteria, including Legionella;

  • A risk and hazard assessment of each Legionella susceptible system, including a classification of the building’s Legionella risk level;

  • System operations and procedures affecting water quality;

  • Procedure(s) and manuals for operating and maintenance;

  • Protocols for maintenance and testing (method, location, and frequency) of water quality;

  • List of the chemical products and substances to be used and their description, if applicable;

  • Measures for verifying the mechanical components of the facility and equipment of water cooling towers and water systems;

  • Maintenance log and all other maintenance records;

  • The LBCMP shall be assessed and updated if any of the following occur:
    - After five (5) years from initial creation, and every five (5) years after that, to ensure a periodic assessment and updated risk assessment;
    - A major change in procedures, or replacement of equipment;
    - Change in procedures or processes for maintaining the water quality; and
    - The need for decontamination work procedures when water quality of system water reaches action levels.

For additional information, we invite you to consult the official document of the MD 15161 Standard.

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