What did we learn from Quebec legionnaire's disease outbreak during the summer of 2012?

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If you have a maintenance program in place, be sure to check the frequency of sampling. If this is not scheduled on a 30-day basis, you will need to update your maintenance plan and schedule.

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If your maintenance program has not been set up, contact your local representative to make an appointment.

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Best practices and experts who have proven their worth

Magnus possesses the necessary expertise to assist you in the implementation of the best practices for the maintenance and control of cooling towers. We will assist you to ensure you comply with the new regulations of the Building Authority.

Over the last several years, we have developed a unique expertise in detecting and controlling the legionella bacteria in cooling towers.  We have developed the most relevant measures and procedures to achieve the desired level of prevention.

Our team consists of numerous specialists from different professional orders: Chemists, Engineers and Technologists.  All are highly qualified to develop and certify a maintenance program customized to your facilities in order to conform with the new legislation.

The maintenance program of a cooling tower is designed to maintain the integrity and the efficiency of the installation as well as to protect people’s health.

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