Magnus is the largest private water treatment company in Canada. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist customers improve their processes and optimize their economic and environmental performances.

For over 70 years, Magnus has worked hard to develop efficient, value-adding applications to reduce the overall energy and water consumption to offer unique and customized programs.

Magnus has its own laboratories to ensure an effective and comprehensive technical support:

  • Laboratories for water analysis;
  • Research laboratories;
  • Microbiology laboratories.

PhDs in chemistry and microbiology, hygienists, microbiologists and chemists occupy our laboratories to ensure effective quality control as well as the appropriate, professional service.

An in-house engineering department offers a personalised design and equipment manufacturing service needed for water treatment.

Magnus has a unique expertise to assist you in the implementation of the best maintenance and control practices for cooling towers, in order to comply with the regulation of the Quebec Building Authority. For several years, we have developed the necessary expertise in the detection and control of Legionella bacteria. We have established measures and relevant maintenance procedures to achieve the desired level of prevention.