Green Products

Significant investment in research and development has led to the creation of an environmentally safe and biodegradable product line called Magcare®. A portion of these products are EcoLogo certified. 

Our line of Magcare® products ensure the environment is respected and water is responsibly managed. It also enables the disposal of wastewater into storm drainage systems, the streamlining industrial water processes, and the recovery of agricultural sludge.

To create our range of Magcare® products, Magnus spent two years researching and developing new technologies that could adapt to environmental protection objectives, without affecting the function or performance of the treatment products®.

In 2007, Magnus developed its first EcoLogoTM certified product: MAGCARE® 104. It was the first water treatment product in Canada to receive certification.

Since 2012, Magnus has been able to offer its customers a second EcoLogoTM certified product: MAGCARE® 107. In addition, a number of our new products are currently undergoing the final stages of the certification process.

" More and more customers are looking for green products, which is good as it means our efforts have paid off and we are now ahead of the competition."

Jean-Jaques Drieux, Vice President, Innovation and Sustainable Development

Environment Canada’s EcoLogoTM program assures consumers that a product meets strict environmental protection standards.

Consult our Magcare Family Product brochure.