At Magnus, Product Development Process (PDP) and ecodesign are inseparable. The company managed to successfully integrate ecodesign in their product development process.

Each product must pass the eco-chart test. This assessment grid includes more than 60 items to evaluate.
These are, for instance, the biodegradability of waste, the amount of packaging material, the transportation distance of goods as well as the promotion of chemistry's positive image. Each item is measured with a threshold of 60 %. Any project which does not satisfy this threshold is automatically adjusted or reworked. For example, the project of a stripper was removed due to its base's toxic solvent.

Sustainable Development Sparks Innovation

Introducing sustainable development to the PDP has opened the door to new product ideas. Through the use of engineering methods, researchers at Magnus are tirelessly working to increase the shelf life of products and improve their afterlife usefulness. Eco-design has been instrumental in introducing a new range of product ideas to life.

Magnus is a leader in eco-design in the Canadian chemical industry. With the inevitable tightening of standards and regulations, the future is distinctly aimed towards green chemistry.

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