Corporate Responsibility

Magnus creates products and offers services to make environmental, health, and safety performance improvements that surpass industry requirements.

Magnus’ Overall Goal:

  • Significantly reduce emissions into the air, land, and water;
  • Make major improvements to workplace and community safety;
  • Provide chemicals to suppliers who are eager to understand the effects of various chemicals and their environment impacts as well as their health and safety factors.

We will continue to work towards our vision of eliminating accidents, injuries, and environmental harm.

  • Make health and safety, the environment, and resource preservation, crucial considerations for all new and existing products and processes;
  • Provide information about health and environmental risks and set up protective measures for employees and the public;
  • Work with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors, and contractors to promote the safe manipulation, transportation, and disposal of chemicals;
  • Operate our facilities in a way that promotes the protection of the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees and the public;
  • Promote education and research on the health, safety, and environmental effects of our products and processes;
  • Work as a team to resolve former handling and disposal problems.


Suppliers of Choice

Groupe Affi

Groupe Affi is a local socio-economical company that recycles, repairs, and optimizes electronics. Unwanted parts are then discarded in an environmentally responsible manner. Groupe Affi has a strong sense of social commitment: it hires people with functional limitations and highlights their strengths as well as potential. Human respect is one of their core values. Magnus buys computers, screens, laptops and others accessories from Groupe Affi.


BDC is the Business Development Bank of Canada. The financial institution is exclusively devoted to Canadian entrepreneurs. By encouraging locals, the company helps our society socially and economically. BDC is B Corp certified. We are proud to be financial partners with BDC.


The Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors is a trade association for the distribution sector of the Canadian chemical industry. The association ensures a continual reduction of incidents that may result in or threaten injury to people or damage the environment. Most of our chemical suppliers are members of this association because health and safety as well as our environmental awareness are at the forefront of our company.