Responsible Chemistry

To protect our natural resources, our development team is committed to designing chemical products which exceed today's strictest environmental regulations.

Our GoGreen program, winner of the BOMA-Quebec 2007-2008 Pinacle award, and the EcologoTM certification of a selection of our products, confirm that environmental protection is one of our top priorities.

Water Management: Our Priority

As a society, we must responsibly manage our natural resources and prepare ourselves for a fresh water shortage.

Magnus offers many solutions to face the problem; our recovered rainwater and greywater treatment solutions help reduce consumption of potable water and have earned the company LEED® certification points.

Other parallel programs such as the BOMA GoGreen initiative could also benefit from using a similar approach to implent good water management practices.

Sustainable Development: A Necessity

Over the past several years, Magnus has embraced sustainable development by implementing a variety of measures. Investing in sustainable development necessitates commitment and action; all our employees contribute on a regular basis.

In 2007, Magnus released its first EcologoTM certified product for its Magcare 104 application. Magnus was the first Canadian manufacturer in the water treatment industry to receive the certification.

In 2010, Magnus integrated Ecodesign in its Product Development Process (PDP). As a result, each product must pass an eco-design chart test. Introducing these sustainable development initiatives to the PDP has opened the door to new ideas.

In 2011, Magnus took stock of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). For its Boucherville plant, only 328 tons of CO2 were emitted each year (the threshold is 10 000 tons of CO2 for companies required to report their GHG emissions annually).

In 2012, Magnus eliminated 105 dangerous materials from its list of ingredients.

During the same year, Magnus received its Level 2 certification from the ICI ON RECYCLE ! program by implementing a number of measures to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials. Magnus also carried out various campaigns to raise awareness on the importance of proper wastewater management.

In 2014, Magnus began publishing an Eco-PROFILe® for each of its products. This additional environmental information demonstrates the company's transparency.

In 2015, Magnus was presented with the ICI ON RECYCLE ! program’s highest honor: the Attestation de performance de niveau Or avec 93,43% de taux de recyclage (Gold level performance attestation, with a 93,43% recycling rate). Magnus is extremely proud to have received such an award as it validates our commitment to the protection of the environment.

Since June 2016, Magnus has been a member of the L’économie sociale, j’achète ! ambassador program in collaboration with Pôle de l’économie sociale de l’agglomération de Longueil (DEL). By signing the Déclaration d’engagement pour l’achat auprès des entreprises collectives, Magnus is committed to buy from social economy businesses as much as possible.

It is our duty as chemists to provide safer, more environmentally-friendly products.

Jean-Jacques Drieux, Vice President, Innovation and Sustainable Development